Citing a Website

How to Cite a Website APA Style

How to Cite a Website APA StyleWant to learn how to cite a website APA style? The American Psychological Association (APA) style is generally preferred to cite sources in the social sciences discipline. Just use the following steps to correctly cite a website in the APA format:

Step-by-Step, How to Cite a Website APA Style:

Step 1:

Collect the required information for an APA citation: The authors, date of publication, title of article, title of online periodical (if available), volume number (if available), [Retrieved] Date, [from] URL of Website.

Step 2:

Follow the correct format:

Author. (Date of Publication). Article name. Name of website. [Retrieved ] Date, [from] URL

* Name of website needs to be in italics *

Example of How to Cite a Website APA Style:

Eilperin, Juliet. (2011, June 22). West Coast boasts underwater Serengeti, study finds. The Washington Post. Retrieved June 22, 2011, from

Example of Parenthetical In-Text Citation using APA Style:

For the parenthetical in-text citations, the in-text citations are also placed after the quotations. If possible, try to cite the website using the author and date in parentheses, like this:

“Family guy is …. Show” (Lang, 2011)

There are many websites that assist people with writing citations. This saves people a lot of time and effort. Some of these helpful websites are:

Hope you enjoyed the step-by-step instructions as well as the handy resources mentioned above. Now you have learned how to cite a website APA style properly, and as long as you follow the correct format, you can avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work.